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Georgia Franchise Opportunities In Senior Health Care

Our senior population is growing at the same rate as the need for quality senior care services. Georgia small business opportunities in senior health care abound. The Health Care business is the single largest industry in the United States, and seniors are the fastest growing segment of the countrys population. There will be 72 million senior citizens in America who will be 65 and older by the year 2030 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This has given rise for the need to recruit more and more care providers, support…

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Health Care Tips for Senior Citizens

Image Courtesy: With the passing years every individual has to face one of the most known and irreversible fact of life, “the old age.”Every part of the human body gets weaker at this age which results in pain and irritation. Apart from the fact that the old age is considered as one of the most neglected age which succumb loneliness and pain, it brings a great deal of threats and health disorders. The various health issues hindering the health of old people includes hypertension, cardiac problems, diabetes, joint pains,…

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Improving Senior Health Care

On May 11, 2009, Colorado Senator Michael Bennett introduced a new health care bill aimed to improve patient care and save money on health care costs. This new bill, the Medicare Transitions Act of 2009, is designed to improve patient care by ensuring that Medicare patients receive timely and effective follow-up care after they check-out of the hospital. The Medicare Transitions Act of 2009 bill aims to provide a nationwide network of local transitional care coaches that would help Medicare patients recover and self-manage their condition. Personal follow-up care would…

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